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I know, in your heart of hearts, you know where we are in time.  I've been waiting for this moment all my life!

As in Biblical times, music or musicians always preceded a battle of distinction, or the Word.  Seems  we're there again.  But..this time--it is final. Our country and the world are quickly heading to a time, when words cannot explain what is occurring all around us.  There is a need for explanation, comfort, and confrontation of that which is wrong.  The unjust, and their deeds, will be exposed and recognized.  The need for rallying a proper response and the avenue upon which to stage it must be in place.

We are ready to begin.  Are you an avenue that will reach the world when these things that have been hidden come to light? Some of the chosen have fallen asleep, but soon they will awaken.

There is a new music yet to come that the whole world will hear. The style, the presentation, and the awaiting messages will happen.  It will cross all genres.  With many churches unable to differentiate the wheat from the tares, they have subsequently neutralized themselves.  Some of the job of harvest has fallen back to the planters.  Truth will be told, seen, and heard by all.  It's amazing how God puts certain people, maybe you, in a position to be a big player and shape what will go forth in our future.

How does that feel?  Surely, you must sit back at times and admire the ways in which He He separates fact from fiction.

So, to the rest of the world,
I'll go back to what I do,

Who you are...
and what you do...
Keeps me going.

T D Carter, President