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Original Words and Music by Mike Christopher Wells
Re-write, Production, and Arrangement Contributions by Darryl Carter

My brother tells a story, how he watched me drown.
How he felt so helpless, as the river took me down.
Says he stood there on the shoreline scared hearing Daddy’s words,
“Son, watch your brother, make sure he don’t get hurt.”

He watched as I went under, he swore that I was dead.
When he heard a voice whisper, “Pray” inside his head.

That’s when he saw the Angels, walking on the water,
He says that they were beautiful, as they came to rescue me,
He overheard them saying, as they laid me on the shoreline,
“Breathe the breath of life in him, this one believes.”

Now I’m standing in the doorway, watching my Daddy’s mama die.
The room so dark and quiet, I don’t want to say good-bye.
They say that she can hear you, so I whisper in her ear,
“If your scared just call on the Lord, and He will draw near.”

That’s when I saw the Angels walk into the room.
I know that she could see them, cause her face shown like the moon.
She looked just like a young girl, leaving for her honeymoon.
As she died, through the window outside I saw a rose begin to bloom.

A million dancing Angels. (Dancing Angels)
Out there somewhere
Watching over you. (Watching over you)
Are you listening?
Can you hear them?
God sends Angels to help us through.
Do you believe in Angels?
They believe in you.

                                        His Power Productions & Publishing  July 1, 2005

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